EzLab turns your smart phone into a biological laboratory for single substrates, through micro-sensing and real-time data mining in the Cloud. Having demonstrated EzLab with three initial bacteria; Escherichia coli, Klebsiella and Staphylococcus aureus, we’ll be developing a panel of pathogen tests for validation with our partners.

From Sample to ID in just



It takes only 3 minutes from sample to I.D.


Micro-sensing down to 0.5 microns, with over 90% accuracy


EzLab device can be used via iPhone or Android Apps


At a fraction of the cost of traditional lab – based solutions


Robust Field  Microscope

The hand-held apparatus comprises a portable low-weight and autonomous optical microscopy magnification of 800 – 1000x with the capability to be connected to a smartphone.

The robust casing and durable design makes the microscope great for  field work under a broad range of conditions.

Smartphone App

iPhone, Android or Windows phone mobile App for sample image acquisition and interrogation of EzLab’s AI Neural Network, hosted in the Cloud or on-site for high security appliactions.

The App guides you through the sample collection, preparation and analysis, also managing your testing workflow and logging time-stamped and geo-located results.

A.I. Neural Network

EzLab’s cutting-edge A.I. technology allows real-time image analysis and the rapid return of results to the EzLab App. This is the result of four years of Neural Network development, training and stress testing;

Image Pre-Processing – scanning hundreds of thousands of pathogen images and preparing them for input to Neural Network training and development.

Training – following the pre-processing of images they are fed to the Neural Network, which is continually refined through many test cycles, resulting in ‘Gold Standard’ accuracy and repeatability of over 90%.

Blind Test – finally, large numbers of random images are analysed, rigorously testing the performance and robustness of the system.

Web Dashboard

The Web Dashboard allows you to set up projects, test regimes and monitor teams in the field. We visualize everything on scalable maps, presenting data in simple clear ways and allowing for the easy establishment of buffer zones and the tracking of pathogen transmission within buildings, or in open spaces and the public realm.

EzLab also offers the development of bespoke data analytic tools, allowing you to combine multiple data sets for deep analysis of the built environment and the visualization of risks to human health.


The EzLab field kit comes with everything you need to collect process and perform tests.
Sample sticks, tweezers and pipettes, glass sample slides and cleaning equipment.
Unique ID stickers for coding and tracking of samples right from the source then link with GPS coordinates via the App.



The global food, human health, military & defence and pandemic control sectors represent combined addressable markets for EzLab of approximately USD20 trillion.

Keeping us safe

Military and Civil defense

Preventing deaths

Reducing healthcare infections

Reducing revenue loss

Securing your supply chain

Tracking disease

In hostile environments